Defence and Veterans are a principle policy focus areas for the AVP. We will work to better support the capabilities of the human workforce, who are the foundation for every fancy piece of equipment and machinery that we purchase. Because it is our Veterans who will be the true measure of our National security and strength if we are tested.

We are failing our Veterans, losing more to suicide than we have in combat, at a rate that is not only higher than the Australian community average, but continues to grow due to the ongoing leadership crisis and systemic failings the Departments of Defence and Veterans Affairs are responsible for.

  1. The Department of Veterans Affairs needs to be completely restructured. All of the complicated policies and entitlement acts that continue to create layers of red tape and delays in providing support to our Veterans must be reformed, immediately.
  2. As a part of this restructure, we must establish better regulation for our Ex-Service and Veteran Support Organisations to better quantify the actual support reaching our Veterans, and clean up the clutter this space has become. Because this is actually deterring Veterans from receiving the support they need, and draining the goodwill and donations of Australians across the thousands of existing charity organisations.
  3. The Defence Transition process must be fixed immediately, no more committees or costly consultations, we all know what is needed - a professional and emotionally intelligent transition course that provides our Veterans with the qualifications and confidence they need to thrive in life after service.
  4. Defence Recruiting and Defence Transition Authority must be combined and expanded to better support the personal and professional development of our Veterans during service, and provide our nation with better capabilities to call on their expertise once they have left.
  5. A part of this Transition pathway program will be the investment of federal funding into the professional establishment of Veteran Associations that will bridge the gap between current and former serving Veterans at the community level.
  6. We will also better qualify the “unique Nature of Service” and the toll this takes on the physical and mental health of our Veterans, by introducing the DVA Gold card qualification to all Veterans who serve their minimum service obligation, or who are medically discharged. This will provide our Veterans with the important medical access they need, while also providing that peace-of-mind knowing they will be able to access this support when it is needed, without the mountains of paperwork and delays they currently face.
  7. We must better enable our Veterans to thrive in their lives after service. By exempting employment income from the income test for Veterans receiving any pension with limited means, we will encourage and better support our Veterans to engage in more employment options without financial risk.

The last point (7) in particular is a fundamental policy initiative that will work to better enable our Veterans to be more actively engaged in our communities and finding purpose with greater financial security and peace-of-mind. Currently, too many Veterans receiving a pension or disability payments are deterred from seeking any additional legal employment due to the difficulties experienced through the lengthy administration and bureaucratic processes that result in many Veterans finding it "not worth the effort" and instead they adopt more isolated behaviours.

Our Veterans are highly skilled and capable workers, with tremendous lived experience. We must work with all layers of Government to develop streamlined pathways to harness and better support our social needs. Similar to our Aged Care policy, the Australian Values Party will seek to work with State Governments to develop pathways to employ Veterans in casual and part time roles within our education and health systems, including additional incentivising through subsidised and bespoke qualification options.

Veterans will also form a large focus of recruitment and ongoing support within our Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Assistance policy - in the formation of a full time Disaster Relief force to support both domestically, within Australia, and wider within our Asia-Pacific region.

The AVP Veterans Policy will ensure our Veterans can focus on continuing to excel and leading by example for our nation after they have hung up their uniforms, because we will need them to do this now more than ever.

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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