Real Reconciliation

Calls to change Australia Day, our National flag, and even our Anthem are all symptoms of the greater issue; our nation has not achieved reconciliation with our first peoples. Real Reconciliation requires all involved to come to the table and agree on the way forward with responsibilities to be carried by all.

Up until now conversations concerning race and cultural differences have and continue to come from the context of comparison, with the progression of any minority pitted against all others as if opposed.

AVP is committed to face up to these issues and all the facts they contain, regardless how unpleasant or unpopular. AVP is committed to establishing a Reconciliation Action Group within our first year of being elected - to sit down, listen and work through the conversations that often come from generational trauma and carry resentment. We will work with all parties and peoples to plan the progress needed to achieve reconciliation between our First Nations Peoples and all of Australia. A responsible plan that brings us all together with shared values and responsibilities to each other, regardless of any skin colour or ethnic origin.


Equality of opportunity and commitment to the rule of law will be essential considerations, as across our country these continue to be the cause of controversy and create further racial tension.


We must foster and support leadership from within all communities involved, to empower and lead through the challenges this will bring. Reaching in and trying to ‘fix’ problems from the outside, with more political programs or policies, is not the answer. Handouts and handshakes must be replaced by hard work to address the issues of education, crime, poverty, addiction and abuse.


We must plan and work together to replace entitlements with responsibilities and accountability to each other. Only then will we be able to move forward as one people and united in purpose.

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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