The mission of the Australian Values Party is to protect and progress Australia and our way of life.

Striving for excellence in government

The Australian Values Party is here to inspire Australia to become a values-based nation through leading by example. We will create a political benchmark where leaders actively take responsibility and show accountability to the people of Australia.


We are building a team of authentic and pragmatic leaders with lived experience. Leaders who are ready to serve Australia and prioritise our people and our way of life.


To become a values-based nation through
leading by example.

Our 'uniquely Australian' values and way of life are being destroyed, because we no longer focus on doing what is right, regardless of the rewards or costs. Instead we continue to be fed endless political promises and policies, misusing people and resources to achieve political or commercial gains that look great on paper or in press conferences, but carry greater costs for the livelihoods of the everyday Australians left to live the reality.


We must get our society and systems back to being based upon the Australian Values that are our bedrock for collective success in all that we do. Values that set the expectations of what it means to be an Australian and celebrate our way of life as a cohesive society. Values that every Australian, no matter what their origin, can uphold in their own lives, practice with pride and expect to see in return from our government and its representatives. Character based leadership reinforcing the purpose of legislation, and the practice of these values is our first priority.

The Australian Values Statement

The Department of Home Affairs maintains the Australian Values Statement. These values and this statement must be accepted by everyone applying for a visa or citizenship within Australia.

The Australian Values are listed below:


Respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual


Freedom of religion, speech and association


Commitment to the Rule of Law


Parliamentary democracy


Equality of opportunity for all people


A 'fair go' for all


English as the national language

Let's all do our PART

In addition to the Australian Values Statement above, the AVP asks all Australians to do our PART and commit to protecting and progressing our unique way of life.


Pursuit of Excellence - in all that we do.


Accountability - in actions and words.


Responsibility - not entitlement.


Teamwork - united in purpose, all in this together.


The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

Securing a prosperous and peaceful Australia

Allegiance to the Australian People

All government decisions must be made to protect and progress the Australian people - not a political party or person.


AVP will employ a Personal Conduct and Professional Standards policy that will outline and mandate requirements for all elected officials and staff.

Government Structure

We must critically review our system of government to provide a structure of government suitable to meet the Nation’s future needs.


We must develop an alternative national organisation to render assistance in emergency situations, allowing the ADF to focus on its primary role.


A whole of government review of the Defence/DVA health support system to bring consistency and fairness of outcomes including associated tax aspects.

Foreign Affairs

Australia’s foreign affairs should have a focus on bolstering our national safety by building and maintaining alliances with regional powers that have similar outlooks.


We need to harness all available capabilities and technologies and ensure stable, diverse and cheaper energy for all Australians long into the future.

Climate Policy

We must support our developing neighbours to achieve development via sustainable pathways through industrial programs and ecosystem innovations.

Commerce and Industry

The economic and defence of the nation depends on a strong manufacturing sector as well as expertise in our logistic and transport infrastructure.

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