Border Protection & Biosecurity (including COVID)

Our national border is the responsibility of the Federal Government. The protection of our people from external biological threats, including pandemics, is paramount for all areas of Australian society to prosper.

The COVID pandemic has shown what can happen when the Federal Government fails or abdicates this responsibility. Immediate actions must be taken to ensure that all future ‘pandemic’ and bio-emergency responses achieve measures that include controlled entry into Australia and Federal quarantine plans. These measures should enable all other Australian domestic travel and quality of life to be protected and allowed to further prosper, regardless of any other international response.

Protection of our native flora and fauna is fundamental to the future of our agricultural and fishing sectors. These industries are areas in which Australia excels. Our food production is fundamental to the needs of the population as well as our export success. Protection of our ecosystem from foreign pests and diseases, and the maritime zone from illegal fishing and pollution requires an effective federal quarantine system and a strong border protection force separate from the ADF.

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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