Angry Victorians Party

If you are a Victorian - thank you for joining the Angry Victorians Party (the state branch of AVP).

In order for the Angry Victorians Party to be registered we need to submit 500 members to the VEC - thank you for doing your P.A.R.T to help make this happen.

What to know from here:

  1. We will submit the members list this Friday 16 September. You can then expect a letter from the VEC in the mail within 7 days.
  2. Once you receive that letter please urgently sign it and send it back.
  3. Do you know ONE person who you can ask to become a member today? Send them the link and help us stay in the race, together we can transform Victoria.
  4. Check your email/spam inbox on your membership confirmation.

Australian Values Party

Thank you for doing your P.A.R.T and joining the AVP team - Australia's newest and truly independent political party. Your membership confirmation will arrive in your email inbox shortly!

Be sure to check out the Member Dashboard where you will have access to update your personal details at any time.

Please join us on social media for live updates.

Thank you again for your support, let's make it happen.


Yours in Service,