Meet Dave Gilbert

The Journey from Shaving his Head in the 70’s to Politics.

Have a listen:

Dave is our Senate Candidate for NSW and Heston & Sam sat down with Dave to find out more about him, his background, his past, his passion and drive. Dave’s lived experience is pretty impressive. He is a man that won’t die wondering… have a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

In this episode we we discuss:

2:00 Who is David Gilbert? 

2:54 Politics and Push up’s… literally

3:30 His background 

4:40 Experiencing low self esteem 

6:00 Joining the navy – including cutting my hair off in the 70’s

“I knew things I shouldn’t have known” 

Dave Gilbert

10:00 Untapped leadership qualities he didn’t know he had

10:50 Brotherhood

14:00 Speaking Vietnamese and becoming a translator

16:00 Top secret security clearance 

19:00 The challenge of not being about to talk about top secret missions 

20:65 Compartmentalising and dealing with traumatic experiences 

22:30 Highlights of military career

26:00 3 big things that happened, all at once.

28:00 Leadership in action

30:00 After 19 years, taking a leap, leaving the military, moving into Defence and then onto Attorney General’s Department

“I’ve never felt comfortable, being comfortable – If I’m not doing something and pushing boundaries or challenging myself intellectually or physically, I just wonder why…what am I doing” 

36:00 Additional academics, qualifications and interests 

49:00 Becoming a lawyer

51:00 The purpose and fuel that keeps him going


“The mark of a true leader is you bring everybody with you and achieve fantastic things”.

Dave Gilbert

59:00 Stepping out and becoming a candidate with AVP and the challenges of doing so.

“I don’t want to die wondering…” 

1:02:00 The creative side of Dave

1:12:00 The covid experience and living on the QLD/NSW border

1:14:00 Quick Fire Round 

“Our greatest gift, is our intuition. It’s not scientific” 

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  1. LTabart on May 19, 2022 at 3:06 pm

    Great interview Great candidate

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