Burning Explosives, Ration Pack Trauma and the Pursuit of Excellence

Danny Williams our candidate for Wide Bay #Williams4WideBay

Danny takes us through his journey from going to war at 23 with the navy, his career highlights, stories that made him who he is, the constant strive and motivation for excellence and the decision to move into politics – Learning that he is just going to be Danny Williams, and that is his fallback.

In this episode we discuss:

1:41 Danny growing up 

2:14 What made him join the military 

3:00 Becoming a diver

4:15 Military in the family

4:30 Time in the navy & Living life through war

23:00 Are you now afraid of bodies of water or being confined in water?

24:35 Ration Pack Trauma

28:00 Burning Explosives

31:30 As a 23 year old going to war – what did he learn?

34:30 Other career highlights – like the olympics

35:00 Looking for bombs in the Sydney Harbour 

36:57 Leaving the navy 

37:30 Becoming a fireman 

40:00 Back in Iraq – enemy ammunition 

47:00 Intuitive IED’s and losing passports

51:00 Having the strength of people on the ground back home 

“When I had someone that I could rely my life on, it didn’t make it safer, but it made it easier” 

55:00 Doing it for money? Or because it was what you were good at? 

“I filled my cup and it was time for me to step away from Trauma” 

1:01:00 Starting to work and race with horses

1:09:00 Taking up the challenge of politics

“I’m inspired and in awe of our current team, because everyone brings something so different” 

Danny Williams

1:20:00 Reservations and concerns 

“I’m just going to be me, and my fallback is that” 

1:22:00 Having a party of Veterans, blessing or a curse? 

1:26:00 Quick Fire Round

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