Meet Andy Cullen

Explosives, PTSD and Leading through Hope

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Andy Cullen is our candidate for McPherson on the Gold Coast and we join him, the dogs and the beautiful view and dig into his life. From beliefs, the mark that war had on him and the heart and drive he now has for politics and recovering our beautiful country.

Things got emotional.

In this episode we discuss:

2:00 Living in the Gold Coast

3:00 The last 2 years as a citizen in and amongst COVID

“There is so much division around Australia at the moment and it is being felt”

7:00 Andy growing up as an army brat

“I developed a love for blowing sh*t up, I thought…this is my calling” 

11:00 The art of explosives

14:00 Immigration, refugees, border security and why strict policies do have a place.

20:00 The failing of Afghanistan from the Australian Government and Defence

22:00 The impact of the fall of Afghanistan on someone who has deployed there.

23:00 The incredible hearts and minds Mission in Afghanistan that no one hears about

25:00 Relationships and people power gained in Afghan

26:00 The Mark of War

28:50 Training and Leading in combat 

29:45 The biggest impact mentally – when there was no time to rest and you were always on edge

32:43 The anxiety in war and the anxiety of the constant news cycles today 

33.20 Rebuilding trust is the government – is it possible?

35.39 Power and control within the 2 party system

36:06 Leadership 101

“I’m not interested in leading through fear,

I want to lead through hope”


“There needs to be a replacement of people, who are currently the foundation of politics and policy” 

Heston Russell

39:00 Both parties need to take responsibility for the mess we are in

42:40 The full menu of politics, that we aren’t getting served

43:00 Democracy and the balance of power

46:00 Policy planning and transparency 

48:00 Review into Covid 

“When paint starts to crack, I’m pretty sure the worst thing you could do is keep putting layers of paint on top of it – The media is holding the bucket of paint for these politicians who are trying to paint the next picture, the next policy… the person holding the brush and the bucket are the ones that need to be held accountable” 

Heston Russell

53.27 Media accountability 

“I need this election more than I’ve communicated, to restore my faith in this country” 

Heston Russell

55.28 Hope retored from the support and what keeps him going 

“I’m a better father and husband today, after going through PTSD because of that journey”

Learning, overcoming and adapting to be the best we can be.

1:04:00 What about Lobbyist?

1:05:00 Bringing centralism back to politics is what is needed

“I believe most problems can actually be resolved when people come together with respect”

Andy Cullen

1:06:33 Solutions to problems

“Your voice is your vote” 

Andy Cullen

1:11:15 Quick Fire Round 

Andy & his army

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