Let’s fix the system – Announcement

This week Heston announced his decision to form a political party. 

He spoke with Sky News, Australia Today and 2CC Radio soon after his announcement about why it’s time to take the next step and build the right team to make the change.

Purpose in Politics

It’s time to do what needs to be done!

My entire career in Special Forces, we weren’t allowed to have social media, let alone media and we achieved some absolutely amazing things when people were just able to focus on what they were doing.

The Australian public was able to live happy in those freedoms, not knowing all those risks that were out there,
because that was our job to do – not to create anxiety each day, or to make people feel like they
need you to demonstrate and exercise that control through fear.

Being good at your job and being a good person is what is needed.

People are worried I may be corrupted entering into Politics, I believe it’s safe to say that I don’t think I can be corrupted at this point in time.

Nearly a year ago, I thought that I needed to take myself out of this world to be of more use to it.

And ever since then in connecting with those who I know have a true and authentic purpose – plus being motivated by my mother, my sister, my grandmother, my father, my nephew, my niece,
my little sausage dog, all those things that are actually what provide me with happiness in this
world and the inspiration to do the right thing. So as the generations to come can have a lasting impact.

I don’t care about money, I don’t care about profit.
I don’t care about being called, sir, I never did.

This is about doing the right thing at a time when we need motivation through inspiration, not
fear, anxiety, and this depressive state that has gripped our nation and put it back to being essentially a
penal colony as opposed to a political power in the Asia Pacific region.

Heston Russell


Please watch the interview on @skynews to understand why he has decided to now step up and take on the changes we all need at the top level.

Fill out this form if you wish to support the party.

Full interview on Australia Today with Steve Price:

Interview on 2CC:

Interview with Anna Rawlings Sky News:

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