Illicit Drugs

The AVP is committed to a policy of zero-tolerance for traffickers of illicit-drugs that cause significant harm to Australians while recognising that those affected by the adverse effects of illicit substance abuse require support and rehabilitation.

Per the AVP Workforce Policy All AVP representatives are required to agree to random drug and alcohol testing as a condition of their employment, membership or inclusion within the AVP.

According to the 15th report of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s (ACIC) National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program, an estimated 15.7 tonnes of methylamphetamine, cocaine and heroin was consumed in 2020–21 (see

The estimated street value of the four major drugs was $10.3 billion last year, up from $8.9 billion the previous year. This indicates that people were prepared to pay more for the product at a time when the country was experiencing a drop in employment rates and government initiatives, such as ‘Jobkeeper’, were introduced to help the community get through economic hardship. The CEO ACIC noted that this upward trend in street value noted in the report is “generating significant health and other harms to our community”.

The ACIC noted that disruptions to movement throughout the country due to border restrictions did disrupt the illicit-drug market, contributing to a decrease of 23% in illicit-drug consumption. The CEO ACIC noted “However, organised crime groups continued to find ways to supply illicit drug markets during the pandemic and to generate significant illicit revenue through this activity.”

The AVP recognises the valuable role the ACIC and its partner agencies play in combating the illicit-drug trade through disruption, intelligence collection and reporting activities, and therefore will ensure that the ACIC receives the resources it needs to meet its objectives in the national interest.

The AVP is committed to combating the harmful effects of illicit-drugs that present an unacceptable risk to the health of all Australians. The AVP believes that we must take specific action to concentrate Federal and State resources to target those types of illicit-drugs that are deliberately used to target and cause life destroying addiction for the economic gain of those who manufacture and supply methylamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl.

Greater resources are required to support our Border Protection authorities including the capabilities to scan and inspect more shipping containers that continue to bring in the majority quantity of these substances. The AVP will work to secure additional funding for the innovation of these capabilities and greater interagency support across Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies.

The AVP also believes that greater community awareness and education on illicit-drugs and their impacts on health and society is required across the country. The AVP will work to resource and establish an annual Australia wide awareness campaign and opportunities for greater support to Local Government Area initiatives.

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