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COVID highlighted many of the ongoing issues within our existing health system. Hospital capacities and staffing issues within our cities are matched by the need for more doctors, nurses and essential health professionals within the rural areas or Australia. We must take immediate action to address these issues at the federal level, through the subsidisation of education expenses including HECS-HELP loans.

Any and all medical staff who lost their jobs due to state or territory mandates must be reinstated and, if needed, provided with federal exemptions to these mandates. The AVP will work to introduce legislation that recognises health and medical regulation as a Federal responsibility, with States and Territories responsible for service delivery and administration.

Australia’s health system needs to reflect the needs of contemporary society and should develop based on a robust risk assessment matrix that draws on all States and Territories to contribute to the development of national policy and legislation for all Australians, not segregated by borders. States & Territories should be adequately supported and held accountable by the Commonwealth to achieve service delivery and further development areas.

AVP overarching health strategy goals:

  • Affordable and ready access to health services and facilities
  • Less reliance on health services through proactive approaches to promote healthy living, encourage early detection initiatives, and prevent causing harm or frustration through bureaucratic delays.




The AVP supports and will work to include more proactive medical procedures in preventative / early detection initiatives including basic dental with annual imagery, annual mental health assessment and support, mammogram, pap smear, prostate, diabetes, heart disease medical checks/tests. The AVP is of the view that the cost analysis of this in helping to early detect and encourage healthy patterns would reap cost neutrality on the medical system and quality of life implications in a 10 year health budget planning strategy.

This is also akin to the AVP’s policy projections for the automatic DVA gold card eligibility at 4 years of service or medical discharge for Veterans - reducing / removing the 18+months of delays, deterrence and mental decline.




The current differences in medication regulations from state to state / territory creates unnecessary disruption to the everyday lives of too many Australians. Specific examples of this have been provided to AVP from residents affected by natural disasters including the 2019/20 Bushfires and 2022 floods. Victims who crossed the QLD-NSW border to seek refuge and recover encountered additional issues and interruption to their lives in trying to access and refill prescriptions for medications including those required to treat mental health conditions. The AVP proposes that Pharmaceutical practices and medication access should be standardised across Australia to better support patent access and also compliment a more cohesive national plan. Exemptions to this may be required for specific Local Government Areas due to higher levels of illegal activity, but should not be applied in general across the extremes of our state land and population masses.

The AVP will also focus on concurrent reforms to streamline and cut-through the bureaucratic procedures that currently plague the administration of health services, including approvals processes and bill payments. These delays often incur huge excessive costs and regularly impact the health and wellbeing of patients and their providers. This review of bureaucracy and service delivery provisions must also overlap and better integrate with similar welfare services such as NDIS, Aged Care and DVA systems, to develop and support more effective outcomes for patients and the taxpayer.

The AVP will also move to establish greater review and accountability regulations of welfare service providers and suppliers to combat price gouging and exploitation of our welfare systems. Extensive AVP community engagement in the development of this policy approach has drawn considerable examples that suggest there is certainly room for improvement to target and deter such unethical practices.

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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