Government Structure

Our nation needs to be fit for purpose. We need to review and remove barriers that keep us apart while strengthening those that enable our Commonwealth to be more connected, cohesive and enjoyable for all Australians.

The present constitutional arrangements have provided a sound basis for the structure of our government for over 100 years. However the advance of technology and the gradual transfer of responsibilities between the Federal and State Parliaments has led to a situation where there is now a mismatch of taxing and spending powers between these levels of government. This situation has been graphically highlighted through the governments respond to the spread of COVID-19. Australians have witnessed Premiers acting primarily in the interests of their respective States rather than for the benefit of the whole nation. State governments are making decisions impacting their economies and expecting the Federal Government to meet the financial costs of their decisions without adequate consultation with federal authorities. Provisions of the Constitution binding the nation together have been bypassed without challenge and we are in danger of becoming a group of separate entities sharing our continent rather than a coherent nation.


A major impact of these aspects has been the exponential growth of bureaucracy with a consequential increase of regulatory imposts on the community as well as increased costs to be paid from more onerous taxation of the general public.


The principle of accountability for decisions made by those who make them has been so diluted It is now laughable and otherwise simply becomes political spin, or avoided completely. Our elected representatives, rather than seeing their responsibility as serving the people who elected them, regard their involvement in public office as a profession with progress and success being measured by climbing the “corporate ladder” to gain ministerial appointments of increasingly prestigious levels, regardless of their conduct along the way.


There is an undeniable case for:

  • A critical review of our system of government to provide a structure of government suitable to meet Australia’s future needs.
  • A review of the ethical standards and level of integrity those in elected office are required to meet.
  • Establishment of a code of conduct and standards to be adhered to by all those in public office (elected and appointed).
  • Establishment of a professional development structure for all elected officials.


The AVP will also move to establish a Constituent Assembly including the development of a National Digital Survey System to engage maximum Australian citizen participation in considering any and all constitutional reform analysis and discussions.

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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