Federal Election 2022: Focusing on the minor parties and their values in WA

Rebecca Pizzey our senate candidate in WA joined 6PR radio on Monday 09 May in a panel discussion with other minor parties – with a Q&A.

Tune in below, to hear more about Bec and what she spoke about representing AVP on 6PR.

Part 1

Part 2

Here is what 6PR said about it:

After several listeners requests, the Mornings program had a look at some of the minor parties featuring in the upcoming Federal Election by speaking to different candidates from various parties.

Joining Liam Bartlett on the panel was:

  • Paul Filing the Senate Candidate for Moore from One Nation answered why he moved from the Liberal party: “One Nation stands up for the people who feel cut off from the political establishment.”
  • Dave Vos the Senate Candidate for Perth from Western Australia Party said that the party is first and foremost there for Western Australians: “We need better representation for WA and federal government.”
  • Rebecca Pizzey the Senate Candidate for WA Australian Values Party explained what drew her to the party: “They have a great purpose and that’s to bring balance back into Australia politics.”

Tap PLAY below to hear both parts which featured on the Mornings program including listeners calls and the candidates answers.

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