Reliable energy sources are fundamental to our nation’s ability to maintain and grow our economy. We need to harness all available capabilities and technologies and ensure stable, cheap and clean energy for all Australians long into the future.


All Australians who are serious about achieving the best energy options for our people and our environment should see the exact example of our proposed model that is currently operated by France: Existing French Energy Model


The Australian Values Party has conducted extensive consultation including the formation of our Energy & Climate Action Group (ECAG) to support the development and ongoing refinement of our Energy Policy. This has included consulting experts and modelling projections from right across energy and environmental sectors.

Our AVP Energy Policy is and must be driven by the current and future needs of Australia, and consider all available technologies, including new nuclear technologies. Many Australians are still caught it the historical stigma of nuclear disasters including Chernobyl Fukushima. However the comparison of these to current and future nuclear technologies, alongside the realities of Australia's geological features including being positioned on our own tectonic plate without any major faultiness within our landmass. Better awareness and education must be provided to all Australians to bring our society and all discussions on energy up into the 21st century and away from any agenda driven polarising arguments that otherwise continue to hold us back from becoming a responsible energy superpower in the Asia-Pacific region.

The AVP Energy Policy will also seek to expand our hydroelectric capabilities within a greater national water security and infrastructure focus.


Energy can and must become an exportable commodity for Australia that can provide huge dividends including working to pay off our now $1.4 Trillion national debt, while helping those in our region to also better support our environment.

Australian Energy Options Modelling: Cost & CO2 comparison. Reference: Nuclear for Climate Australia -
Australian Energy Options Modelling: Power Supply Mix & Variability Reference: Nuclear for Climate Australia -

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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AVP will conduct an in-depth analysis and review of all available energy sources, systems and stockpiles within the first 90 days of office. Greater transparency is required on the complete environmental, economic and social considerations to provide factual baselines from which practical and pragmatic actions can be tailored and measured for decisions. Capabilities must be expanded to facilitate greater sovereign autonomy and reliability, including fuel refinery, while offset through parallel pollution reduction and conversion initiatives through the Climate Policy integration.

This policy integration will be developed into an actionable and accountable strategic plan that will set the conditions for our national excellence within a global ecosystem, without compromising our developing potential or capabilities.


Our national energy policy, regardless of who forms Government, must detail the extensive Whole of Government requirements to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in all departments with a combined purpose and focus towards reliable and sustainable outcomes with surge and safeguard contingencies. The AVP will ensure this is achieved as a condition of our balance of power position in Parliament.