Education (Schooling, Tertiary & Trades)

Affordable and ready access to education must be a non-partisan priority and further developed into a National Employment and Education Pathways Strategy (NEEPS) in order to better predict, forecast and prevent skills shortages across Australia.



Our school systems are in regular conflict, with conversations and policies concerning fundamental skills and ideology based topics creating this tension. Topics and issues once regarded as being a family assumption are becoming increasingly considered as an education responsibility. As we progress in technological advancements, previously common lived experience will continue to depart from our everyday lives, including those of our children. Schools cannot continue to keep up with filling this deficiency, as their primary focus must remain on the academic requirements of the education system. Therefore, greater focus and action is required to better enable these gaps to be bridged through family and community initiatives.

State and Federal Governments must invest in the development of social support projects and initiatives for parents and families. These should focus to better facilitate education on current and future social considerations to better enable parents and families to take ownership of these within their own households.

State and Federal Governments must also invest in junior community programs including team sports, military cadets, environmental and emergency service cadets, outdoor and adventure training providing beneficial skills, resilience and awareness opportunities for our Australian youth. This investment will also create greater opportunities for positive community engagement through collective values and purpose focused initiatives.

The AVP commits to establishing federally funded Sporting & Athletic Excellence Programs across the country in order to develop and support young Australian talent towards the 2032 Brisbane Olympics, while harnessing the opportunities this provides to better support the positive physical and mental health development of all involved.


The AVP proposed the development of an online career pathway advisory service to support the guidance of guide young Australians into the most appropriate education streams relevant to their chosen career paths.


TAFE & Tertiary Education

Affordable and ready access to education must be a non-partisan priority and further developed into a National Employment and Education Pathways Strategy (NEEPS) in order to better predict, forecast and prevent skills shortages across Australia.

Australians should aspire to be educated and encouraged to specialise in areas of need. The AVP supports free education for critical trades and specialist areas as identified within the NEEPS projections.


The AVP immediately supports free TAFE education for critical areas of trade and specialisations necessary for infrastructure development. The AVP will also move to establish National certification standards for trades, after conducting extensive public consultation that has highlighted the unnecessary differences in certification legislation between different States and Territories. This is a particular priority given the critical shortages and delays already experienced within our housing and construction industries, so action is need to better support Australian trade professionals to be able to travel and work across our country = #Commonwealth


COVID highlighted many of the ongoing issues within our existing health system. Hospital capacities and staffing issues within our cities are matched by the need for more doctors, nurses and essential health professionals within the rural areas or Australia. The AVP supports subsidisation of education expenses including complete payment of HECS-HELP loans for critical skills shortages within a National Employment and Education Pathways Strategy (NEEPS).


Greater investment in tertiary education needs to be focussed on equipping students for professional employment, research and development pathways. This requires greater focus on the transition pathways between secondary education, tertiary education and employment opportunities so as to better facilitate the performance and potential of our national workforce.

Investing in a robust and sustainable government and social framework requires creativity which can be drawn from all sectors of society.

The AVP is open to all creative ideas to achieve the best outcomes for Australia. Federal discussion and ‘think-tank’ initiatives must be expanded to harness the broader creative intellect including Australians undertaking tertiary education across the country.

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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