The defence of Australia, our people and our way of life are fundamental responsibilities of the Federal Government. The characteristics of the continent in which we live and our population level result in unique challenges for Australia’s security needs and arrangements. Over reliance on powerful allies and conventional military assets will not be enough for the developing challenges to our security in an increasingly unstable part of the world. Nor will the current level of reliance on overseas manufacturers and supply chains be feasible.


Currently we waste billions of taxpayer dollars on failed assets and equipment, reinforcing broken processes and throwing handfuls of cash at problems.

The AVP is committed to conduct a complete review of all current and future Defence projects to bring them into line with our actual needs here within the Asia Pacific region, including our homeland defence and force projection capabilities, to be ready to defend us now, not in 10 years time or more.

This must include developing Australian made and owned manufacturing with a plan for every 'bullet and bean' that goes into our defence force, able to be provided from within our resources here in Australia by 2030. This will need to include agreements to access advanced technologies from our allies, and get our people working to innovate and generate new technologies of our own. Technologies that can then also be a commodity that we bring to the global stage, and better support our distant allies alongside our regional neighbours.


Whilst the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is capable to assist in national emergencies, the formation of a 'National Guard' like entity will provide an auxiliary capability to render assistance in emergency situations. This will limit continued reliance on (and diversion of) ADF resources, allowing the ADF to focus on its primary role.


Defence personnel are an important element contributing to the Australia's Defence capability. Because they are not ‘employees’ as defined in the Fair Work Act, there must be official recognition of an independent body to directly advocate on their behalf. This must entail a complete review of the current Department of Defence and ADF personnel policies and Ex-Service Support Organisations including the establishment of a peak body to regulate the effectiveness of these organisations in supporting our Veterans. Greater detail is provided within our Veterans policy.


Learning from the poor handling and release of the IGADF (Brereton) Inquiry into Afghanistan, legislation must be passed to better protect our service men and women, and their families, from ‘trial by media’. Given the unique nature of service in the ADF, and stresses from operational service incidents, inquiries or investigations must be conducted out of the ‘public square’ so as to ensure that the Rule of Law and presumption of innocence are achieved. The additional unique circumstances of operational service require expert analysis and appreciation not found within regular civil society. We have a national responsibility and obligation to our service men and women to implement additional measures to ensure that only proven accuracies are provided to the Australian public, once they have met the rules of evidence and completed our constitutional legal processes in full.


The population numbers from which we draw potential ADF members is limited compared to the requirement, so there needs to be an innovative approach to Australia's Defence strategy. Robotics and unmanned weapon platforms along with early adoption of emerging technologies provide a possible way ahead. We should also better study the defence strategies of other ‘like’ countries to help guide our defence planners. Additionally, our industrial and manufacturing policies must have an integral defence aspect as fundamental to all development and review.

The AVP is committed to fully funding, supporting and holding accountable our Defence portfolio areas, while working to harness the capabilities these provide to also fast-track broader Australian manufacturing, research and technology innovations.

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The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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