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All Victorian Voters have the right to know what has been going on for far too long - the 'Preference Whispering' system that has been manipulating votes to favour those willing to pay for favourable preferences to secure their seat in parliament.

Here is the full video of the Sting operation conducted by Chris Burson and Heston Russell from the Angry Victorians Party, to capture the 'Preference Whisperer' Glenn Druery as he outlines the backdoor deals that he has been orchestrating behind the scenes for decades.

The Angry Victorians Party have provided this video and additional recordings to IBAC with their complaint and request for further investigation. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO far and wide so all Victorians are informed prior to voting this State Election.

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“Democracy should not be for sale. The people of Victoria deserve to know what has been going on for far too long. The major parties, and many minor ones, are putting themselves and their own political aspirations ahead of the people they are meant to represent in Parliament. How can any Victorians believe the multi-million dollar election promises coming out of this campaign, while the whole system is built upon deceitful dealings and a process that puts seats up for sale?” - Chris Burson

The Angry Victorians Party

State Branch that ran into the November 2022 Election

The Angry Victorians Party (AVP) was the Victorian State Branch of the Australian Values Party. The Leader is Chris Burson, an Army Veteran and former Police Officer who has already served the community for over 20 years.


The Angry Victorians Party stood for turning Anger into tangible and achievable Action - and taking action to achieve real and lasting change. Supporting People, not Politics; and bringing Accountability and Transparency in Public Office.


The Policy Platform was focused on rebuilding the economic and social foundations of our State responsibly, with strong priorities on Mental Health, Small and Family Businesses and our Veteran Community.


Key Policy Focus

Greater accountability of politicians and bureaucrats


  • Politicians personally liable for their actions (as private sector employees are).
  • Conduct a review of politician & senior bureaucratic salaries, allowances and retirement packages.
  • Introduce legislation to restrict Emergency Powers and Curfews.
  • Require greater public scrutiny and transparency for publicly funded positions. 
  • Put an end to corruption & hold the government accountable - call out & cut through the bullshit. (That's why we are sending Chris Burson into parliament - from Police Negotiator to Political Accountability Officer.

Lead the nation in mental health and suicide prevention


  • Decriminalise cannabis, psilocybin & introduce legislation to make broader alternative and natural mental health treatments more accessible to the public.

*These measures have been proven to help combat anxiety, depression, PTSD and improve the mental health and wellness of people around the world. There is already tried and tested success within our Veteran community - it's time for Victoria to step up and take on the real crisis affecting so many people. 

  • Reform Victoria's health and aged care sectors.

Protect & promote small and family owned businesses


  • Legislation to protect business owners from lockdowns and curfews - Business owners should be able to assess and accept the relative risks for their own business, staff and families.
  • Establish a fund for state development and innovation grants to revive this sector over the next 4 years.

Improve the quality of life and cost of living for all Victorians


  • Prioritise policies and projects that bring people together with purpose - to build the best Victoria. 
  • Refocus Victorian resources and revive local manufacturing to meet the needs of Victorians and the rest of Australia.

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