Australian Community Development Opportunity Policy (ACDOP)

As discussed in our Education Policy, State and Federal Governments must invest in the development of social support projects and initiatives for parents and families. These should focus to better facilitate education on current and future social considerations to better enable parents and families to take ownership of these within their own households.

Allocation of Federal funding to Local Government Areas in order to support cohesive social and community development initiatives initially looking to address the following key areas:

  • Young Family education / support, including community and peer support initiatives.
  • Parent / Family development curriculum that parallels the national schooling curriculum - offering community classes for parents to better support households with contemporary social discussions and as an alternative to creating conflict through the inclusion of these within the regular schooling curriculum.
  • Migration integration and education programs including resourcing for local community and industry initiatives.
  • Life Skills / Upskills programs (extra curricular for school students and young Australians to again better support schooling focus on academia and to help bridge the existing and extending gap that technology and commercial innovations can often cause.
  • Mental Health support programs including awareness and peer support programs
  • Aboriginal and Indigenous Cultural awareness initiatives including lived experience mentor programs
  • Australian Military History education initiatives including lived experience mentor programs
  • Post incarceration and rehabilitation community re-integration programs and support.

State and Federal Governments must also invest in greater opportunities for positive community engagement through collective values and purpose focused initiatives including: team sports, military cadets, environmental and emergency service cadets, outdoor and adventure training providing beneficial skills, resilience and awareness opportunities for our Australian youth.

The AVP has also committed to establishing federally funded Sporting & Athletic Excellence Programs across the country in order to develop and support young Australian talent towards the 2032 Brisbane Olympics, while harnessing the opportunities this provides to better support the positive physical and mental health development of all involved.

Policies serving Australians

The purpose of the Australian Values Party is to promote a government with a sense of responsibility and accountability to the Australian people, to protect the Australian values and promote the welfare of our Australian people.

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