4BC – Neil Breen calls Heston Russell ‘the most offensive thing’ he’s ever heard

Heston joined Neil Breen in Studio with 4BC – Monday 09 May as pre polling opens across the nation.

Have a listen:

Here is what 4BC said about it:

Neil Breen has experienced “a hairy moment” with senate hopeful Heston Russell after making quite the faux pas. 

The Australian Values Party Leader joined Breenie in the studio this morning to discuss his campaign for a senate seat.

Mr Russell described what drove him to forge his own path despite being offered to run with eight different parties.

“Most of the people who are putting you through the selection process aren’t politicians, they’re all people in the back rooms.

“That’s when I was like, ‘Right, this is enough, I’m not here to be someone’s puppet’, so I decided to put my hand up, put the call out and now we’ve got 10 candidates going to this next election.”

He encouraged voters to chose their own preferences, which led Breenie to quiz Mr Russell on who he’ll preference on his own ballot paper.

While the first four places were an easy recall, Mr Russell slowed at his fifth preference.

Heston Russell: “Number five, oh geez, you’re testing me now…”

Neil Breen: “Oh, you’re the Albo of the Senate,-”

Heston Russell: “Hey!?”

Neil Breen: “-not across your detail. I’m only kidding!”

Heston Russell: “Oh geez Louise, that’s probably one of the most offensive things I’ve ever heard…

“You can call me anything else but-

Neil Breen: “Not the Albo of the Senate!”

Heston Russell: “- not a guy whose near-death experience was a car crash he walked away from.”

Press PLAY below to hear how the incident unfolded.

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