Federal Policy Framework

AVP has created our Policy Framework that allows you to see how we plan and design our policies based on speaking with everyday Australians and understanding how people want to feel. We then decided upon our 3 strategic objectives and test our policies against the Australian Values Statement.

This is a working document that we want to provide the public with transparency of how we do what we do - showing you the real difference AVP brings to politics through emotionally intelligent planning and leadership.

AVP Policy Doc

The AVP has three key Federal Strategic Objectives that are the focus for our policy planning and decision making in Parliament:




The AVP Vision

To become a nation that leads by example in all that we do.

Our 'uniquely Australian’ way of life and international reputation is being destroyed, because we no longer focus on doing what is right, regardless of the rewards or cost. Instead, we continue to be fed endless political promises and policies, misusing people and resources to achieve political or commercial gains that look great on paper or in press conferences, but carry greater costs for the livelihoods of the everyday Australians left to live the reality.

We must get our society and systems back to being based upon what Australian’s value and share as our bedrock for collective success in all that we do. Values that set the expectations of what it means to be an Australian and celebrate our way of life as a cohesive society. Values that every Australian, no matter what their origin, can uphold in their own lives, practice with pride, and expect to see in return from our government and its representatives.

We need character-based leadership that is willing to step up and change legislation, working to better empower all Australians to have freedom and control over their own lives, while the government works to provide better support, security, and sustainability to all Australians. We must become a more connected and cohesive country, united with purpose and leading by example in all that we do.

What is the AVP and where did it come from?

AVP was founded by Heston Russell in September 2021. After spending the majority of 2020 and 2021 campaigning for Veterans, mental health awareness, and suicide prevention, Heston realised that the largest issue plaguing our nation was a crisis of leadership. This came after more than a dozen trips to Canberra, visiting politicians from all parties and sides of government, particularly while campaigning for the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

Heston soon realised that too many current politicians have never actually been trained in leadership or planning. The majority of their focus was reactive, focused on media and public perceptions, often with more media advisers than policy planners. Unfortunately, even those politicians with excellent lived experience were predominantly controlled by their political party, or one of the many factions within them, and unable to demonstrate their authenticity, let alone real leadership.

He saw that political games, party factions, and bureaucracy have overtaken our parliament. The flow-on effects have now been witnessed and lived by all Australians. We have seen our governments tear themselves, and our country, apart in responding to COVID-19.

The collapse in Afghanistan in August 2021 was a key turning point in Heston’s life. During his 16 years of military service, Heston had deployed to Afghanistan four times and his charity was immediately contacted by dozens of Australians and Veterans who had family members, or former colleagues including interpreters, trapped and targeted in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Government’s response yet again demonstrated the priority of focus towards statements and sentiments, while Australian Citizens and their families suffered.

With this crisis in leadership now impacting the physical and mental health of all Australians, on so many fronts, Heston realised that in order to help bring about any real and lasting change he would need to take the step into politics. Otherwise, he was easily shut out when such issues didn’t fit the current agenda.

Deciding to form a completely new political party did not come as an easy decision. Over the course of 2021, Heston was asked to join and support eight different federal parties. While maintaining good working relationships with people within each of them, Heston and those around him realised that a new party was needed to help bring some balance into Australian politics.

These were the simple realities:
We need more good people in politics. People with lived experience who know that leadership is a service to others; Who are professionally trained and developed to fulfil this role with the shared purpose of service to the Australian people.

We have had enough of the constant seesawing between the left and right wings of politics, polarising every issue to the extreme. Instead we need proactive planning and pragmatic policies built upon the fundamentals of serving and protecting the welfare of all Australians equally, and that is able to be assessed and communicated in this way.

So the AVP was formed in September 2021 with the purpose to bring balance into Australian politics. We are a political party that sits right up the middle on the political spectrum, listening to and working with all sides, assessing all policies and legislation against what all Australians value - not just political party preferences.

AVP became officially registered as a federal political party in January 2022. Now Heston has been joined by a team of everyday Australians who are committed to this purpose and ready to put in the hard work to bring about the lasting changes needed within our political system and Australian society. We are a grassroots political party and will rely on public donations and volunteers to help us achieve this mission.

It’s now time to unite and put our lived experience to task. Heston is working with a team to select and train candidates who know and show the importance of emotional intelligence and authentic leadership. We look forward to announcing the AVP Candidates soon.

"We need more good people in politics."

- Heston Russell

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